Rotary Airlock Feeders 

Sanitary Valve Series
Klean in Place Sanitary Airlock  

The KLEAN-IN-PLACE II rotary airlock valve is specially designed for applications where frequent cleaning, sanitizing or inspection of the bulk handling system is required. It’s uniquely designed features makes it compliant for FDA, USDA, 3A dairy and NFPA standards.

Kwik Klean Sanitary Rotary Valve  


The Kwik-Klean® rotary airlock valves are designed for fast and simple disassembly and re-assembly, allowing for quick inspection, clean-up and maintenance without the use of tools or removal of the valve from service. The valves use hand-tightened fasteners to secure the headplate to the housing. With the headplate and rotor conveniently removed, the entire housing interior is accessible. Reassembly takes just minutes and internal clearances are automatically re-established every time.

Klean in Place Sanitary Airlock  


The Klean-In-Place® rotary airlock valves are specially designed for applications where frequent cleaning, sanitizing or inspection of the bulk handling system is required and minimum downtime is critical. They are also ideal for batch systems where regular cleaning between cycles is required. These valves need no tools to unscrew the release handles and remove the headplate. Four slide bars provide maximum support for the rotor so it can be pulled out exposing the valve interior so it can be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and inspected.

Universal Duty Series
UDV Rotary Feeder  


The UDV Universal Duty Drop-Thru Valves are designed for economical and reliable material metering and airlock service. The perfect solution for low pressure pneumatic conveying. Ideal for pollution control applications beneath dust collectors and cyclone separators.

DDV Rotary Feeder  


The DDV Dust Duty Drop-Thru Valves are designed to provide a low cost airlock solution for simple light duty dust collection applications under baghouses and cyclones.

Heavy Duty Series

HDX Rotary Feeder  


The HDX Heavy-Duty Drop-Thru Extra Tough and HDAR Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant and HDXP Heavy Duty Explosion Proof rotary airlocks are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure differentials up to 22 psi. This legendary design sets the standard by which all others in the industry are measured. It offers the heaviest gauge rotor vane stock of any competing product, extra thick endplates, flanges and housing walls, along with outboard mounted oversized bearings that are prelubricated and permanently sealed to ensure low maintenance and prolonged life.

Blow Thru Rotary Valve  


The HDBT Heavy-Duty Blow Thru model rotary airlock valves each provide a specialized solution to your unique needs. These models provide a cost effective valve for your pneumatic conveying, or low profile application requirements.

Heavy Duty Pellet Valve  


The HDPV Heavy-Duty Pellet Valve and the HDSE Heavy-Duty Side-Entry model rotary airlock valve lines are specially designed with offset inlet and discharge openings to reduce product shearing while maintaining an efficient product flow in conveying or metering applications.

Custom Valve Series

Fabricated Rotary Feeder  


The Meyer FV Fabricated rotary airlocks are designed for use in low pressure dust collection, cyclone and pneumatic conveying applications. Their unique design allows oversized material to pass without binding issues experienced with other type of valves. These units provide the most economical solution in handling extremely large material rates.

High Pressure Rotary Valve  


The HP High-Pressure rotary airlock valves are designed for high pressure conveying systems up to 50 PSI. These units feature oversized flanges and housings with reinforced rib design for maximum structural strength. The rotor design incorporates an oversized shaft and closed end rotor design to maintain a positive air seal. These valves are the perfect solution to convey non-abrasive products in medium dense phase conveying systems.

Rotary Airlock  


Meyer CD Custom Design rotary airlocks incorporate any of our standard product offerings but have significant modifications to specialize the valve to your specific application. The modifications can be as simple as special paint to requirements for highly engineered casting materials, drives, transitions or coatings. Meyer engineers can solve your most severe wear, corrosion, material or conveying valve application needs .